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Vision, Mission, & Social Justice Statement


Pierson McNichols envisions a world where all people have equal access to excellent, affordable legal services and consultation that renders the most just outcomes possible.


The Mission of Pierson McNichols is to make our Vision a reality by providing excellent, affordable legal services and consultation to individuals, families, communities, organizations, and businesses throughout Michigan.

Social Justice Statement

Maintaining the principle that we are all called to do justice, our work at Pierson McNichols is rooted in the foundations of Social Justice.


For us, Social Justice means that all people have fair and equal access to all social, economic, and political opportunities and rights.


However, we believe that nowhere is Social Justice more necessary than in the legal system.


The way in which the law is administered and applied directly impacts the lives, liberty, health, and well-being of all people -especially our most vulnerable individuals and communities.


Therefore, in alignment with our Vision and Mission, Pierson McNichols takes into account the role of Social Justice in every decision that we make and every client and issue that we undertake.

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